About Pet Home Services

We are a professional family run business. My name is Tristan Cosman-Jones and the i am the Owner of Pet Home Services. My Sister Natasha runs the Melbourne Service while i run the Brisbane Service. I decided to start this service as we (the family) really love pets and i know myself what it is like if you want to go away when you have a dog, cat, rodents or reptiles either one of or multiple. I have spent many years working with all different pets as both a Store Manager for a large Pet Shop (dealing with only reputable breeders that involved checking all animals at pickup to make sure all our pets are healthy as i was buying pets for 3 other stores in QLD as well as setting up a reptile section), Volunteer and Personal Experience i and want my boys to experience all that they have to offer by helping me in this business on top of thier experience with our own pets.

Our Experience with pets

I was born in a Victorian Country Town and have spent many years catching or working with many types of pets. I have also owned many pets over the last 40 odd years. Last year we had a collection of 17 cages and tanks with 29 reptiles ranging from 9ft pythons to a 3ft lace monitor lizard as well as frogs, turtles, lizards, spiders, scorpions, insects. We were breeding rats and mice, as well as guinea pigs at one stage as well as our cats and fish collection that had been built up over 10 years. We needed to sell the reptile collection as it was too big a job with my businesses and i sold it all in one go to a School Learning Centre in Cunningham. I have also owned goats, dogs and many other pets over the years.

I worked for many years at Aussie Pet Stores managing the Lawnton Store before the chain was sold to Petsmart. One of my primary jobs was to deal with breeders all over australia and stock all 3 regional Aussie Pet Stores with pets. This also involved taking care of all the pets, vet checks and certificates and being happy with each individual pet both at the airport before accepting them, at the breeders premises or before they were sold in store or sent to the other stores for sale. I also started the sale of all reptiles in the store and all accessories. As the manager it meant i was also involved in all areas of the store including stocking quality goods and food and dealing with and selling fish and rodents so i have a good backing in many areas of pet care and pets.


We have had Devon Rexs, Tabbys, Siamese Cats for our cats. We have had Dalmation, DingoxGerman, Retriever and Blue Cattle for Dogs. We have owned 9ft Diamonds, Coastals and Carpets as well as 6ft Blackheads and Jungle Tiger, 3ft Spotteds and many other snakes. We have had 24 types of lizards including a 3ft lace monitor with everything from leopard gheckoes to bearded dragons and cunningham skinks. 3 large plate size murray turtles and many large fish including two red oscars that were 25 inches long. We have owned a goat as well. As you can see we are experienced in many different pets.

Our Passion with pets


I have 2 sons Elliott 8 and Zachary 12 who have spent thier lives around reptiles, fish, dogs and cats as well as other pets and they really enjoy taking pets for walks, play and feeding. They enjoy pets and built a possum box and bird feeder for the back yard that attracts many native birds, we get Corellas, Pink Galahs, Lorikeets, Magpies, Cockatoos and other birds as well as 2 possums and we get koalas.

The boys have no fear of pets and love doing things with them.


At the moment we own 3 cats (all purchased from the Peninsula Animal Aid at Clontarf) aged 12yrs, 2yrs and 6 months old, 3 budgies (Sky, Budge and Banana) as well as 2 Guinea Pigs, 8 Chooks and a Rooster and our Reptiles.

Great Services we provide you


I own 3 businesses. Techno Geek Computer Repairs (works well with our Pet Care Business as holidays are quiet for computer repairs and pets services are busy) as well as a Website Design Company and over the last 10 years doing onsite computer repairs coming across lots of pets and regulary hear the comment "how did you do that, he/she does not usually like visitors" when i am patting them while doing computer work. They say that pets can tell!


We really love pets of all types and sizes and will treat you pet like you do! We have been building this business up and growing by offering great service, great prices and getting great feedback.

We have been providing for the last 10 years AT YOUR HOME DAILY VISIT services for any pet you can keep. This allows you the peace of mind knowing that your home and your pets are taken care of (in thier own environment). This mean less stress for your pets and less stress for you. We offer Pet Taxi Services to the Vet as well as Grooming and Bathing Services. We offer Dog Park and Beach Services as well as extended time per visit if you so require as well as our standard dog walking services.

We donate a percentage of each service to the Peninsula Animal Aid at Clontarf as well as our yearly sponsorship of a large 4 dog kennel and monthly money and food donations. We also own 3 cats purchased from the shelter. 12yr old Pusscat, 2.5yr old Ginger and 8 month old Stripes.

We are the ONLY Pet Minding Service to offer you the ability to book services online as well as the fact that we list all of our services and prices upfront on our website. There is nothing hidden and we list a page for every pet we can service with what we offer and pricing. We are one of the few pet services in qld that can do any pet from reptiles to dogs and cats to goats and pigs as well as spiders and guinea pigs.

Please note that we are not a kennel or cattery service nor are we a house sitting service. We are not a grooming service, we offer it as part of our daily care services only. We offer at your home daily visits apart from our Park and Beach services as well as our standard Dog Walking service so your pet is happy in thier surroundings and your home gets checked everyday.

IMPORTANT: We do not charge for our introductory visit if a booking is made within 14 days from that time. WE DO CHARGE for a visit if you do not make a booking within the 14 days or are not there when we arrive for the booked appointment. $20 charges apply. We cannot afford the time and travel if we are not required.

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